flea market

June 28, 2011

After days of meticolous preparation, a detailed inventory sorting every item by their color and period, on Sunday we had our first 'real' stand at a local flea market. Once we got there though we had to face the grim reality that - apparently -  our city is not much into vintage clothing. By the end of the day we just managed to sell a couple of items to warm-hearted friends mostly moved by compassion *sigh*.

On the brightside this experience proved to be quite useful: first lesson learned, we have to sell our stuff somewhere else. Even though we had some satisfaction from online shopping through the years, we really enjoyed being there at the stand, talking to 'real' people and watching them browsing around. 

That's why we're gonna give it another try. Who knows what lies ahead?

what I wore today

June 03, 2011

This is the drawing I made for the "What I Wore Today" contest: here's me with my beloved cat Chicco, the only  "wardrobe piece " I can't live without, definitely.

The drawings picked by the author, the lovely Gemma Correll, will be featured in her book so the competition is quite hard - there are more than 5,000 submissions already - but I thought to give it a try anyway.
Though I am far from being a professional illustrator I enjoy drawing a lot and I only wish I had more time for it.

Well, wish me luck... and let me know if you like it!