turn of the century

September 25, 2011

Me playing Lillian Gish.

gimme shelter

September 21, 2011

This cutie here is one of the newest member of the cat colony that I've been hosting in my yard for some time now, despite grumpy neighbors. He's always been hyperactive and playful and the first to greet me everytime I brought them food but suddenly one night he appeared weak and uninterested, so I freaked out.
I must admit that I really took these stray cats at heart so that every sign or change makes me suspicious, even when I shouldn't. But this time my worries proved right when the day after I found one of the kittens dead and him standing alone in the corner all curled up, sick and unable to move.
Still shaken from what happened to the other kitten and fearing that they might've been poisoned I understood that I had to do something if I wanted to save him at least.

Finding an open vet on a saturday night was a lucky break but they didn't give us much hope: he had fever and was severely dehydrated, and though not ruling out poisoning they diagnosed a viral infection.
But the little one was full of surprises and the very next day he showed already promising signs of recovery though still having trouble breathing and eating.
A quiet recess on my balcony sheltered him for five long days with us going back and forth from the vet for the therapy. Watching him behind the bars in his little cage was painful and sad but we found comfort in the thought that he somehow knew we were saving his life.

I took the picture above right before setting him free. He sure was terrified but staring at his eyes, so bright and eager, we felt that all of our efforts had been widely rewarded.

Someone told me that "Nature has its own ways", that I should "let things be".
But to me the only thing against nature is not to care at all.
Those eyes will always remind me that.

michela heim

September 15, 2011

You've surely heard of Michela Heim, a talented Oslo-based photographer whose work can be easily found all over the internet. Well, she's not only incredibly talented but also extremely sweet: she was so kind to send me one of her lovely prints that on her Facebook page I indicated as my favourite to be printed.
How cute is she?
As if that weren't enough, she's also such a cat enthusiast, as you can see if you browse through her amazing portfolio, and for me, proud owner of a Norwegian Forest cat, it's impossible not to love her.

set 'em wild, set 'em free

September 11, 2011

Here's another shot from our summer - it seems like ages ago.

Since we got back, days went by in the most ordinary way, doing ordinary things, waiting to get back in shape.
While everybody is sad to see this season end I'm looking forward to the new one and already longing for warm clothes, couch snuggling evenings and bird feeders galore!
Can't wait to see the redstart peeping out my window, back from his migration route.

in a kindly way

September 05, 2011

Here's a footage from our holidays in the mountains, featuring the little friends we happily fed.
Hope you enjoy x