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September 05, 2011

Here's a footage from our holidays in the mountains, featuring the little friends we happily fed.
Hope you enjoy x


Anna Emilia said...

This is so sweet Paola and Stefano. So timeless too. Happy to see your furry friends.

Have a good Tuesday.

P.s. The camera that you asked about is an old Olympus. Maybe from the sixties or seventies, traveled the world first with my aunt and now with me.

Jada said...

I'm so jealous of the trip you two took! It looked like an amazing time, quite the scenic route!

the wild bunches said...

@Anna Emilia: Thank you! Can't wait to see more shots :)

@Jada: We had a great time there indeed but in a place like that I'm sure your trip was sure as good! x

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