we (don't) eat animals.

May 01, 2011

Last night we had dinner with these cute little friends of ours. We are so addicted to anything animal-related that we just couldn't resist when we saw this animal shaped pasta in our favourite health food store.
And these are the only animals we'll ever eat.

We became vegetarian just a few months ago because we thought that our love and empathy to any creature on the planet deserved something more than the mere contemplation. We are so proud of our choice and we couldn't feel any better.


Zoƫ said...

I found your blog via your tumblr (i'm acertainsmile).

I can't wait for more posts! What is your new camera? I've been a vegetarian for almost six years now, its very liberating.

The Wild Bunches said...

Hi! thanks for dropping by :)
I totally agree; becoming vegetarian was the best thing we could ever do even if sometimes we feel it's not enough, that we could do more. But once you start realizing what your life has been since then, you could only feel better and better every day and thank God that you finally opened your eyes.

The camera is a Canon 550d, but a new analog camera is on the way! x

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