the cat lady

October 23, 2011

Me and my fluffy one Chicco, in one of his rare moments of stillness.
He sure is huge and greedy but all that pudge hides glorious nordic muscle.


Yoshi said...

That is an incredibly amazing blouse. Where did you get it?

the wild bunches said...

Thanks, it's from Topshop :)

amy said...

This is perfection. Sweet kitty shirt, even sweeter kitty cat.

love for your blog!

hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

Jada said...

Aw!! I love Chicco, and I have to agree that your top is just so lovely~

Siubhan said...

He's beautiful! And that's a great photograph. Your blouse is beautiful too - really unusual.

hila said...

what a sweetie. my furry little lion is equally fat and pudgy :)

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